May 17, 2016

Event WiFi

If you are running an event then connectivity is probably more important than you think. This being the ‘Snapchat era’ where social media is often more important than face to face conversations it is important for everyone to stay connected and we mean everyone.

Not only will your attendees probably be expecting to be able to get a decent connection to the outside world but also good connectivity is often essential to the running of the event. Ticketing systems, ePOS and PDQ systems to allow credit and debit card transactions, email communication and social media for event organisers are all very important tools, and all require a good connection to the outside world.

We often get last minute callouts to event organisers who have gone ahead with no plans for connectivity because when they checked out their site at a site meeting months before the event they had a good 4G signal on their mobile handset – however fill an area with a hundred human bodies or more and that signal quickly gets saturated.

Our team of dedicated engineers have experience in both the events and telecoms industries so understand the requirements of your environment, but at the same time have the knowledge to provide a solution to your needs.