Getting your event connected


What can we offer to help make your event a success?

Event WiFi

Put several hundred people in a small area and very quickly the mobile network becomes saturated. Can’t get 4G? What’s the first thing we all do? Look for a WiFi network. More…

IT Services

Need to get your tills linked to your management office, or your laptop hooked up to the office network? We can offer networking and general support at your event. More…


Taking payments in either cash or by card? Need a till or cashdesk? We have solutions designed specifically for events. We can do card payments even without mobile signal. More…

Ticketing & Websites

We have ticketing solutions available for both pre-booking and online sales as well as door sales. Custom websites designed specifically for events are also available. More…

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Satellite Broadband available on Short Term contracts, designed for Events

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